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Finest single-volume edition includes authoritative scores of The Seasons, Op. 37; Album for the Young, Op. 39; 10 Characteristic Pieces, Op. 72; Dumka, Op. 59; Valse sentimentale, Op. 51, No. 6; 4 Pieces, Op. 40; Theme and Variations, Op. 19, No. 6; plus 5 early pieces.Content :Five early piecesRomance (Op. 5)Valse-scherzo ? Waltz-scherzo (Op. 7)Capriccio (Op. 8)Polka de salon (Op. 9, No. 2)Nocturne (Op. 10, No. 1)Thème original et variations ? Original theme and variations (Op. 19, No. 6)From Twelve Pieces (Op. 40)No. 2 Chanson triste ? Sad song6. Chant sans paroles ? Song without words9. Valse ? Waltz10. Danse russe ? Russian danceValse sentimentale ? Sentimental waltz (Op. 51, No. 6)Doumka (Scène rustique russe) ? Dumka (Russian village scene) (Op. 59)From Eighteen Characteristic Pieces (Op. 72)No. 1 Impromptu2. Berceuse ? Lullaby3. Tendres reproches ? Gentle reproaches4. Danse caractéristique ? Characteristic dance8. Dialogue9. Un poco di Schumann ? A bit of Schumann12. L´espiègle ? The rascal13. Echo rustique ? Countryside echo15. Un poco di Chopin ? A bit of Chopin16. Valse à cinq temps ? Waltz in five-beat timeAlbum for the Young (after Schumann) (Op. 39) [Restored to Tchaikovsky´s original sequence]NoteNo. 1. Prière de matin ? Morning prayer2. Le matin en hiver ? Winter morning3. Maman ? Mama4. Le petit cavalier ? The little horseman5. Marches des soldats de bois ? Marches of the wooden soldiers6. La nouvelle poupée ? The new doll7. La poupée malade ? The sick doll8. Enterrement de la poupée ? The doll´s burial9. Valse ? Waltz10. Polka11. Mazurka12. Chanson russe ? Russian song13. Le paysan prélude ? The peasant plays an introduction14. Chanson populaire (Kamarinskaya) ? Folk Song15. Chanson intalienne ? Italian song16. Mélodie antique française ? Old French melody17. Chanson allemande ? German song18. Chanson napolitaine ? Neapolitan song19. Conte de la vieille bonne ? The old maid-servant´s tale20. La sorciére (Baba-Yaga) ? The witch21. Douce rêverie ? Sweet reverie22. Chant de l´alouette ?Song of the lark23. A l´église ? In church24. L´orgue de barbarie ? The hurdy-gurdyThe Seasons (Op. 37bis)Note and epigraphs1. Janvier: Au coin du feu ? January By the fireside2. Février: Carnaval ? February: Carnival3. Mars: Chant de l´alouette ? March Song of the lark4. Avril: Perce-neige ? April: Snowdrop5. Mai: Les nuits de mai ? May: May nights [White nights]6. Juin: Barcarolle ? June: Barcar7. Juillet: Chant du faucheur ? July: The reaper´s song8. Août: La moisson ? August: The harvest9. Septembre: La chasse ? September: The hunt10. Octobre: Chant d´automne ? October: Autumn song11. Novembre: En troïka ? November: In the troika12. Decembre: Noël ? December: Christmas

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Me and the Table , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 557min
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Stephen Hendry became the youngest professional snooker player in 1985 aged 16 and, in 1990, he was the youngest ever snooker World Champion, at the age of 21.Widely regarded by fans and pundits alike as one of the greatest players of all time in the sport, over a 27-year career, Hendry went on to win the World Championship seven times and was snooker´s world number one for eight consecutive seasons between 1990 and 1998. Hendry retired in 2012 with a record-breaking seven World Champion titles under his belt, a record that remains to this day. He´s now ready to tell his life story for the first time - from a childhood spent climbing the ranks of the sport, through the highs of the ´90s and lows of the 2000s, to his life now as a sports pundit and commentator.An insight into the world of the man behind the cue and what made him such a top-class player. This is the definitive autobiography of the legend that is Stephen Hendry, as told in the author´s voice. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Stephen Hendry. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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