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Schott Bernstein Leonard - Art Songs And Arias ...
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Une sélection de 29 mélodiesContent : A Big Indian And A Little Indian from I HATE MUSIC! - A Julia de Burgos from SONGFEST - A Simple Song from MASS - Afterthought - Civet a Toute Vitesse (Rabbit at Top Speed) from LA BONNE CUISINE - Extinguish My Eyes from TWO LOVE SONGS - Glitter And Be Gay from CANDIDE - Greeting from ARIAS AND BARCAROLLES - Hurry from MASS - I Hate Music! from I HATE MUSIC! - I´m A Person Too from I HATE MUSIC! - I´ve Been Afraid from A QUIET PLACE - Jupiter Has Seven Moons from I HATE MUSIC! - Little Smary from ARIAS AND BARCAROLLES - Mommy, Are You Here (Dede´s Aria) from A QUIET PLACE - Music I Heard With You from SONGFEST - My Name Is Barbara from I HATE MUSIC! - My Twelve-Tone Melody - Our Father... I Go On from MASS - Piccola Serenata - Plum Pudding from LA BONNE CUISINE - Queues de Boeuf (Ox-Tails) from LA BONNE CUISINE - Silhouette (Galilee) - Tavouk Gueunksis from LA BONNE CUISINE - Thank You from MASS - The Word Of the Lord from MASS - When My Soul Touches Yours from TWO LOVE SONGS - World Without End from MASS - Zizi´s Lament from SONGFEST

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